Want // Vissla Eco Seas Wetsuit

One of our favorite surf brands, Vissla, has a new wetsuit we're stoked to try. Its called the Eco Seas Wetsuit and it is made out of some of the most environmentally friendly materials we've seen in the surf world.


Vissla found a way to take the neoprene out of the wetsuit with their own creation, NaturalPrene. Its a new type of material made from renewable rubber trees that works the same, if not better as neoprene. Using a new type of water based, solvent free glue to keep their threads together and suit laminated, Vissla makes this suit almost nil on the chemical scale. On the inside (where it really matters) is a material called Upcycled Ultraspan, which is super soft, warm and stretchy, but still water repellant. Cool part about the fabric is it uses recycled 45 plastic bottles to make it! Insane, especially when you think about how many bottles you probably have in your back seat right now.


All together the Eco Seas Wetsuit isn't just a "green" wetsuit, but a great piece of surf tech that helps the environment and helps keep you warm and cozy during your next chilly surf session.