Shark Repellant Surf Gear: Friend or Faux? Part IV

Rpela is the product of Australian surfers who were done with fearing sharks while shredding their home break. It's an interesting designed unit that is partially  integrated into the board itself with a detachable, rechargeable unit. With the entire starting kit running you $449, it's price is on par with the NoShark, but is board specific. They do sell additional units for use on more than one board, but this looks like it is something that is going to live on your main ride. The unit turns on when it comes in contact with water and with a battery life of 8 hours it won't have to be charged after each sesh, which puts us smack in the middle of the other two devices we reviewed.

Since the unit is integrated into your board there is very little drag, and weighs in at 5.8 ounces. Personally I think one of the biggest selling points about the Rpela is that integration, you do need to take it somewhere to have it installed, but the company has done their research and gives you a list of suggested shapers and retailers who can do that for you. You do have to be careful when using it, since you are emitting an electrical pulse to ward off those sharks that might be nearby, and will get a mild shock if you touch the bottom of your board when the Rpela is activated.

The Rpela is only available for purchase in Australia, but they do state that you can reach out and they'll ship internationally on a case-by-case basis. Looking at all the info Rpela has released, it could be an interesting option for those surfers in waters with an extra bite to them, and an even better option if you're getting a fresh board shaped!  Check out the Rpela and tell us what you think below!