Peel Surf Co

        A Florida based surf accessory company. We pride ourselves on being veteran owned and 100% Made in USA. Dedicated to bringing you a unique product that helps surfers recycle and reuse surf wax with little effort.  We strive to change the way surfers affect the ocean without affecting the way we surf. 

        The Orange Peel started as a pipe dream but after two years of teaching ourselves how to 3D model, mold, and manufacture the product, "The Orange Peel" has become a reality. We hope to bring you a product that's simple, effective, and most of all, helps us understand our impact on the resource we love the most.


Made in


Our Story: The Birth of The Orange Peel 

          Peel Surf Co started with a single product idea that we thought the surf community could benefit from. The creation of The Orange Peel stemmed from events we witnessed while out surfing. First was the inability to use that last little bit of wax from each bar, it usually ended up becoming a part of our cars upholstery, being left in our board shorts, or worst of all, ending up somewhere on the beach. A perfectly good piece of wax would sometimes just end up covered in sand and discarded.

        We decided to do something about those situations, and we hoped to prevent some of the petroleum based waxes from being discarded on the beach, as well as give you a way to recycle and reuse your wax. How many times have you scraped your board clean of wax, smushed it all into a dirty ball, and then discarded it?

        We hope The Orange Peel will be the product that not only saves your wax, but also your car seats, your board shorts, and hopefully our beaches. Click the link below to learn more.