Biggest and Best El Niño Year in Recorded History Coming to a Beach Near You

According to the guys in lab coats, this year is shaping up to be the biggest and best El Niño year in recorded history. Big rains, warm water, and a huge possibility for some truly mind altering surf. Each year at about this time we normally get reports on how minimal the el niño affects are going to be. Not this year, oh baby not this year.


For anyone unfamiliar with what el niño is or is just new to surfing in general. El Niño is the warm phase of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Basically the ENSO is a water temperature variation that takes place in the central pacific and affects the weather conditions in the tropics and subtropics. The Warm phase (El Niño) brings about a shift in warmer water temperatures which helps develop stronger tropical storms and a slew of other effects.


Scientists over at NOAA’s Analysis and Monitoring say, “There is a greater than 90% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, and around an 80% chance it will last through early spring 2016.” Full Report Here


What that means for you: Warmer water during the winter and a massive increase in swell along the west coast. Now, you might be thinking “I’m in Florida, Why should I care about the surf in SoCal?” Well you should, because a big El Niño happening in the pacific brings some of the best wind swell for the southeastern US.


It might not be as awesome as the knee-buckling swell the west coast is going to see, but it is better than nothing! Start saving up your sick time at work because this year could be a good time to call in.


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