WANT// Save a Tree, Buy Used Boards!

So we're big fans over here of getting custom boards made, but sometimes you want to get something thats covered in good vibes, or you can just throw around without worrying about dings. Thats where getting second hand board some in, and they're a part of the eco conscious  options available to surfers. Our buddy Harry at Surfvault actually did a fantastic writeup with mpora.com about how to buy used, and what to make sure to look for when buying a second hand board. Some of his great tips are below! Check out the rest of the article here

When it might be a good time to buy?:

  • When you’re not really sure what you want, and have limited disposable income. By going second-hand you can experiment fairly cheaply with different designs and dimensions as you hone in on the elusive perfect board.

What to look for!: 

  • Discolouration may simply be the result of sun damage, which isn’t disastrous but looks ugly and means the outer layer will be weaker than it once was. Alternatively, especially if the discolouration’s limited to one particular area, there may be a leakage nearby.
  • “Look out for painted horizontal stripes across the middle or the nose of the board,” warns Harry. “This is a sign that they have been creased or snapped and the repair has been hidden under a bit of paint or posca pen.” Paint jobs over the glass will feel courser than normal paint jobs, which are applied to the foam blank before glassing and are thus left with the same smooth finish as the rest of the board.
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