LEARN // Wax Alternative?

A new way to keep your grip? While we're trying to make sure the surf industry is as responsible as it can be with it's wax use, reading Tom Keyes article in The Inertia about a wax alternative, we were intrigued. We've seen some stuff on the market, but when Tom said he tried it we liked the feedback he gave. He tried Van Der Waal Surf Grip, and seemed to like it saying that he liked the grip better than standard wax which surprised us! He is based out of the UK and was wondering how well it will do when he is bootless in the warmer waters, but seemed to think it was a good possible alternative. Only time can tell if wax is going by the wayside, but until then, you can use The Orange Peel to get the best life out of it and keep it off of the beaches! 

Nick Vacca1 Comment