How to Make Organic Surf Wax: It Smells Nice, It's Good for Old Blue, and its Really Really Ugly.

As soon as most people hear the term "Organic Surf wax" they just assume "Coconut oil and Beeswax," and move on.  And while this recipe does call for both of those ingredients, there is an extra ingredient that gets the surf wax to bump up like we all want. 

Want that wax clean and white?! Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to bleach the beeswax.

1.Filtered Beeswax (source locally, you will be surprised how much is around you)
2.Coconut oil (extra virgin is always better, we all know why)
3.Diatomaceous Earth (oddly enough, pool stores and home improvement stores, or Amazon)
4.Scented oil (raid the local hippy shop) 
1.Metal bowl (if you're lucky you have an IKEA close by)
2.Stove top or Hotplate
3.Respirator (or bandanna to tie around your face)

Step 1: Set Up

The first step of the process involves setting up a double boiler; if you have ever tried to melt chocolate in the microwave you may have angrily googled your problems and run across how to set up one of these bad boys up.

Take a metal bowl and place it on a pot of boiling water. Wow! You made a double boiler! If you want melted chocolate just go ahead and close this window and throw some Hershey bars in there and impress your lady friends.

Oh you want wax? 

Step 2: Mix That Sh*t Up!

I am going to give you a basic ratio setup for the ingredients, you are going to have to do some leg work here (I know, I know you want everything served up to you. Well too bad!)

Mix 1 part coconut oil with 2 parts Diatomaceous Earth in the double boiler

Warning: Diatomaceous Earth is really fine and you probably don't want to breathe it in. Use the respirator.

Mix in 2-3 parts beeswax

Melt it all down. Stir... A lot

Step 3: Scent it up

Do you want your surf wax to smell like the side of a mountain on a rainy morning? or maybe lavender?! Perfect, I assume if you are reading this your mom might be into all natural herbal stuff like rubbing oil on your face for headaches. If that is the case go snatch that bottle of lavender oil. She totally won't mind... 

LIBERALLY apply scent to melted wax. 


Pour your melted wax into some sort of flexible container. Possibly even one designed to reform melted surf wax *wink* *wink*. Essentially you want something that you can either break apart or be flexible.

WARNING: don't pick up the metal bowl with your bare hands. Although, you could put some of your mom's lavender oil on it...

Step 5: Throw it away

Who do you think you are, some sort of Muppet chemist?


You might not get this ratio right on the first try, measure everything and start playing with the ratios, more D. earth will give you more bumps, more coconut oil will give you a softer wax. You can even start playing with some tree resins to make it extra sticky. Keep on making that ugly wax!





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