What Is It?

Peel Surf Co.'s first product "The Orange Peel"(PATENT PENDING)

  •  A wax holder that fits into most vehicle cup holders.
  • Used to store and recycle old surf wax into fresh, usable bars.
  • Made from high quality silicone so that wax (and quite literally nothing else) will ever stick to it.

Throw it in, Melt it down, Peel it out.

How It Works

        The best place to store "The Orange Peel" is in your car, truck, van, or buggy, anything with a cup holder. It was designed to sit in one of your cup holders collecting wax and letting the sun melt it down into a usable wax bar. Not everyone lives in a state as hot and sun filled as Florida so we made The Orange Peel microwave and oven safe!

The Purpose

        The purpose of "The Orange Peel" is to recycle and store left over surf wax. Simply take pieces of wax that are left over from a surf session, wax that is too small to use, wax covered in sand or debris, or even old wax stripped from your board, and melt it back into usable bars. "The Orange Peel" conveniently fits into most automobile cup holders so it is easy to leave in your car and let the pieces build up until you have enough for a full bar. If you have enough heat and sunlight where you surf, let the sun melt it into a new bar! If you don't you can always throw The Orange Peel into the oven or microwave to melt it down!  


        The Orange Peel is made from high quality silicone. The properties of silicone make it so NOTHING can stick to silicone but silicone, so unless you pour new silicone over "The Orange Peel" you will have a wax container that will always pop out your wax without any hassle. 
        We have also equipped The Orange Peel with a raised strip in the middle of the cup, we dubbed this the "splitter" which allows you to snap your new wax bar in half easily. The half circle shape fits easier into your hand and still gives you a flat edge to wax your board with.

Best Ways to Use It

        You can ultimately do whatever you want with it! We found it makes a decent hat and it will suction to your forehead with little effort. But if you want some practical uses here are some of our suggestions:

  • Leave The Orange Peel in your car as a storage container for left over wax- Keeps your car upholstery and interior clean of wax and when you have enough wax let the sun, oven, or microwave melt it down into a new bar. 
  • Use it to recycle dirty or old wax- When the wax is melted any debris will sink to the bottom. When it cools and the new bar pops out it will be easy to scrape the top layer of debris off. If it’s a bar that dropped in the sand or you stripped your board of old wax. Why not recycle it? Throw it in, Melt it down, Peel it out.
  • Make your own wax- This is one of our favorite uses! Natural surf wax is really easy and incredibly fun to make. Make your own and use The Orange Peel as a mold for that wax.